Post Decree Issues
As children grow and divorced couples begin to rebuild their lives, circumstances change. When this occurs, it may be appropriate for the original orders to be modified.
Even after your divorce decree or final order is complete, you have a legal right to request changes. You can request that the court modify part of the order for issues such as parenting time, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. If a dispute arises regarding a provision in the original divorce decree or if matters arise after the judgment has been entered, we can guide you through the process of pursuing a modification to your order. An order can be modified upon the showing of a substantial, material, and a permanent change in circumstances. This will normally be the result of a change in income of one or both parties, or a change in the living situation of one or both parties. The standards for making changes are different, depending on the specific issue(s) you are requesting to be changed. You will always have to present solid evidence in support of your request for a modification along with a convincing argument for why the court should grant it. In some cases, there are time limitations on bringing post decree matters before the Court. Seymour Family Law has assisted many clients in obtaining modifications in support or custody orders and we strive to obtain those modifications quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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