How We Can Help
We get to know you and your circumstances. Then we show you all the options for resolution including litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

As your legal partner, Seymour Family Law will ensure you understand all the options for resolving your family law matter. One of those options is litigation which means requesting that the court make the decision for you. Another option is to try to make the decision for yourself through different methods of alternative dispute resolution.

With our exceptional experience in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution services, we can truly provide a comprehensive view of the options for your individual situation. You can feel confident that you have the information you need to determine the right direction for your case.

Sometimes couples seek to avoid the financial and emotional drain of litigation. Through mediation, parties can use a neutral mediator to help them resolve issues. Mediators in these situations listen to both sides and offer different approaches to resolving problems. This can often lead to a friendlier, relationship between parties once the divorce is finalized.