Order for Protection
Safety is a basic human need and essential for a healthy, productive life. If you don’t feel safe, we can help you get there; our goal in the courtroom is to establish safety, first and foremost.
You should feel safe in your home. If you are in a relationship that is violent or you fear it might become violent, we can help you seek a court order for protection for yourself, or for a minor child who lives with you. Orders for protection are issued to prevent spousal and child abuse, stalking, threats, or domestic violence. The order can require the person you fear to stay away from you (and your children), and can also influence child custody and visitation determinations, limiting the time you spend with your children (unsupervised and supervised). In emergency situations, the court will issue an immediate order for protection and conduct a hearing at a later time. If you are a victim of abuse, stalking or harassment, or if you have been accused of these crimes, make sure you know and understand your rights. Many people choose not to fight an Order for Protection only to find out later that there may be punitive consequences. For example, you may no longer have the right to purchase any new or possess any of the firearms you currently own, including firearms used for hunting or sport. Seymour Family Law will not only guard your wellbeing and will pursue every available opportunity to secure the results you need, but will also make sure you know and understand all of your rights throughout the process. We are prepared to do everything within our power to help you get through this difficult time.

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