You can appeal the court’s order if the order contains an error or if the judge abused his/her discretion.
If you want to appeal, or explore the possibility, it is important to act quickly, because under Minnesota law, there are specific time requirements, such as, the deadline for a direct appeal, which is only 60 days from entry of the divorce decree. To start the appeal process you first have to bring a Motion for Amended Findings and/or a New Trial at the trial court level. The purpose of this rule is to allow the trial court the opportunity to fix its own mistakes, so that the need to appeal may be avoided altogether. Appeals in family law matters are not very common. The process is complicated, timely, and very costly. Appeals from family court orders, judgments and decrees are taken to the Minnesota Court of Appeals or to the Minnesota Supreme Court under certain circumstances. Seymour Family Law understands every phase of the Appeals process and our job is to provide you with optimum legal representation, and to make sure that you are knowledgeable throughout the complete Appeals process.

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